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Pedro Pinto is a prominent expert on the benefits of naturopathy (natural/ traditional medicine) for your health, particularly the benefits brought by sexual supplements exclusively based on plant extracts and other natural ingredients.

Pedro Pinto is known for the multiple websites he runs devoted to natural medicine, primarily focused on sexual issues that affect both men and women, and on relationship problems (divorce and separation) and his several articles scattered all over the internet.

Albeit a Portuguese native, a great lot of his published content is written and/or translated into English, Spanish and French to reach the vastest audience worldwide.

He believes that all people must have access to sexual health and relationship information, regardless of their age, sex and background, and his websites, as well as his writing, follow this principle.

After having finished his studies in general sciences in Lisbon/Portugal, he later took some courses on naturopathy, homeopathy and family relationships to acquire specific knowledge on these matters to publish a high-quality work, although written in a way that allows any layman to understand it.

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